27.03.2011 19:12

Back in Vienna

I have been away for a whole february because of my wonderful journey to Puerto Rico. :)

I came back to Vienna around 7th of March and I have been trying to find whatever job ever since, but I didnt succeed yet. Maybe thats for good, who knows, because I have more time to spend on my art now.

I have been practicing mainly blending smooth gradients from one color to another with acryl, and today I think I made a major breakthrough which could be worth sharing! :D Acrylic is really hard one when it comes to blending. There are colors which simply refuse to blend no matter what I do (yellow vs purple as an example).

That was also reason why i finally decided to buy Golden Fluid acrylic (which unfortunately is expensive like hell) instead of working my hands off with heavy body colors. Another thing what I saw in that shop, and what could possibly solve all the smooth blending problems was airbrush. Just some 350.- EUR, hey - who cant affoard that? :D So I got myself 2 fluids, Polymer medium and a tiniest brush I could find (for detailing my stuff :P ).

And there is result:



Closeup of Sunlit Meadows    Closeup of Sunlit Meadows


A day later sun was shining nicely through the window. I managed to capture my sunny art piece, before it dissapeared again! How sweet...

This picture traveled to Latvia soon after, as a present for my dear granny. I hope it keeps on shining the same beautiful on her bedroom wall! :)


Sunlit Meadows


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