16.01.2011 17:00

New start

This blog will be mainly dedicated to my progress in art, because I already keep a private diary for a private stuff (yea, I don't like to post any of my private stuff in internet). I will try to make regular updates of current work and ideas. So I see You around! :)   


Today is the official day, when I finally got my website finished (this event is definitely worth my first blog entry)! :)

But this isn't only about a new website itself. Its about a new start of my life, where I finally decided to do, what I believe, I was made for - being an artist. It took me few years to realize, how much I actually love art, and how much I love to draw. And I have no idea, why all those previous years I have been thinking of art being nothing more then just a hobby for me. Somehow I was afraid of making art as a part of my job, because -"Hey, job would turn my passion into routine, no way I'm ever doing that!" And only now I realize, that 'job' is something, what should be turned into one's passion for a lifetime. Took a while for me to grow up, didn't it? :D

So this year, I made myself a secret promise: I will love my life and I will not throw away the opportunity to enjoy every single day of it. I will do those things, what I am made for. If art is one of those things, then I will hold on to it. I don't want to set any goals, but I clearly see my path I should follow. And I let the goal surprise me. :)

Now, if I back up a bit, it was quite a difficulty for me to get myself into mood for painting after all this time. Also it was difficult not to leave it all behind after I fail. So I made myself another promise to keep on trying and trying. EVERY day. Not just in times, when I feel inspired. Because practice and learning is the key to a success. Art has an endless room for improvement, so the journey never stops.


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