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Starting from today I will be uploading my artworks for so called "Rosenfest" (Rose-Event) in Freihof Sulz. I will be preparing 10 - 15 acrylic paintings on wood, size of 20x20 cm. Each of my works will contain its own concept, representing various elements of tradicional as well as surreal art, all bacsically nature related, no horror included.



Acrylic & Watercolor pencils on wood 20x20 cm




My first work is a peek into a dreamy night, filled with magic, life, glowing insects and softest grass! The night, where all the dreams are born and turned into tiny fireflies. They gather here to light up darkest hours.

This piece of art is here to pass the message about how beautiful and bright our world could be, if we - humans - open our hearts to wonders. They are all around us, living in a smallest details of a nature! Yet we are blinded by everydays rush and tread them down with our racing mind. It is sad.


Closeup of Nightlife   Closeup of Nightlife


Closeup of Nightlife   Closeup of Nightlife


Closeup of Nightlife


This is original art, signed by Saraty. It will be avaliable for sale at 30th of May at Freihof Sulz in Austria.


Update: Sold.


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