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Work Progress May 2011

Since I have been missing out quite some blog updates I just quickly write down all the main news / events concerning my art as well as upload my latest (...and not so latest works).


"Poisoned Lands"

Acrilic & Watercolor pencils on wood (20x20 cm)



Eclipse closeup  Eclipse closeup  Eclipse closeup  Eclipse closeup

Eclipse closeup  Eclipse closeup   


This was basically the remake of my old work "Eclipse". It was done with oil pastels long time ago. I really liked the color combination I used back there so I thought it would be a nice idea to recreate it on the wood. And of course add some more details to it, as the previous one looks kinda plain... :)

Drawn in april 2011.



"Dandelion Field"

Acrilic & Watercolor pencils on wood (20x20 cm)


Dandelion Field


Dandelion Fields closeup  Dandelion Fields closeup  Dandelion Fields closeup  Dandelion Fields closeup 


One of those pictures, which I couldn't find a fitting title for. So it turned out to be way too simple and not particulary fitting... I didn't invest too much time in this painting and I do agree that it could have been done much better and way more detailed. Interesting is that nevertheless, it was one of the most liked pictures at my first tiny art exibition! I suppose people prefer warm color combinations.

Drawn in may 2011.



"Stawberry Fields"

Acrilic & Watercolor pencils on wood (40x20 cm)


Strawberry fiels


Starting  Progress  Strawberry Fields closeup  Strawberry Fields closeup


The one, which is going to hang on my wall in front of my desk and light up every single day for all eternity! :)

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