28.12.2011 23:18

Wood gets even more awesome!

For a bit less then a year, wood has been my absolute favourite medium to paint on. It is rather easy to get the color transitions to look smooth and nice, however I am still not entirely happy about some bigger wood pieces. Basically the idea about drawing on cutten wood pieces comes from a truly wonderful artist - May Ann Licudine. She is amazing and so are her wood drawings. I wish, that there would come a day, where I could be just as good as she is. Maybe then I could do an art trade with her! As for now, I just don't feel good enough to send her any of my paintings... *sigh*.

Anyway, I made these small wood drawings this summer. The wood is hand cutten, hence, not entirely straight, yet very charming. :) Unfortunately I havent figured out yet, where I could get some bigger hard wood pieces, but Im working on that. For now I will upload few close-ups, but you can expect a complete collection of my wood drawings in gallery after new year. Enjoy! :)


Spread the Sun


Awaken Land of Dreams  Blue Lilac Night  Koi  Underwater Gem

Honey Industry  My Favourite Day  Drawing close-up 1  Drawing close-up 2

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