10.10.2012 16:08

Kanji Cards


Today I made first 20 Kanji cards for my Japanese studies. They contain readings and translations on the other side. By the end of this semester I should be understanding approximately 300 Kanji. *SHOULD BE* No idea how am I going to do that.

Kanji is Japanese alphabet, which originates from China and is used in writing system together with 2 others - Hiragana and Katakana. One Kanji contains 2 readings (with rare exeptions only one) called - "ON" and "KUN". They may contain several meanings each, depending on the context. It is really complicated and confusing for a beginner like me. Besides, my struggles with German language are keeping me a bit back. But I really, REALLY hope that's going to change soon. Hey, overcoming difficulties are supposed to always result in something great! *-*

Aren't they?

Well. There's only one way to find out. :D

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