10.10.2012 16:08

Kanji Cards


Today I made first 20 Kanji cards for my Japanese studies. They contain readings and translations on the other side. By the end of this semester I should be understanding approximately 300 Kanji. *SHOULD BE* No idea how am I going to do that.

Kanji is Japanese alphabet, which originates from China and is used in writing system together with 2 others - Hiragana and Katakana. One Kanji contains 2 readings (with rare exeptions only one) called - "ON" and "KUN". They may contain several meanings each, depending on the context. It is really complicated and confusing for a beginner like me. Besides, my struggles with German language are keeping me a bit back. But I really, REALLY hope that's going to change soon. Hey, overcoming difficulties are supposed to always result in something great! *-*

Aren't they?

Well. There's only one way to find out. :D

14.09.2012 13:56

The reason why I don't write much here

..is because I'm keeping my private diary. I think it's been more then ten years already. :)

03.08.2012 16:47

In short:

I am soooo looking foward to start my Japanese studies soon! *wide smile*

Hontouni shiawase da. Arigato!

19.06.2012 16:59

One of my absolutely favorite moments...


...are the rainy days. With a hot cup of a coffee on my table. Music. And the best of it. Could be psydellic, somewhat unsusual. The one which awakens like 100% of your creativity. Pencil, piece of simple cartboard, and me being me...

28.12.2011 23:18

Wood gets even more awesome!

For a bit less then a year, wood has been my absolute favourite medium to paint on. It is rather easy to get the color transitions to look smooth and nice, however I am still not entirely happy about some bigger wood pieces. Basically the idea about drawing on cutten wood pieces comes from a truly wonderful artist - May Ann Licudine. She is amazing and so are her wood drawings. I wish, that there would come a day, where I could be just as good as she is. Maybe then I could do an art trade with her! As for now, I just don't feel good enough to send her any of my paintings... *sigh*.

Anyway, I made these small wood drawings this summer. The wood is hand cutten, hence, not entirely straight, yet very charming. :) Unfortunately I havent figured out yet, where I could get some bigger hard wood pieces, but Im working on that. For now I will upload few close-ups, but you can expect a complete collection of my wood drawings in gallery after new year. Enjoy! :)


Spread the Sun


Awaken Land of Dreams  Blue Lilac Night  Koi  Underwater Gem

Honey Industry  My Favourite Day  Drawing close-up 1  Drawing close-up 2

17.12.2011 00:41

Frozen Berry collection

I made around 14 tiny drawings on a 6 x 6 cm cartboard for upcoming Advents Exibition in Frihof Sulz in the end of the may 2011. You can see a full collection of "Frozen berries" in my gallery.


Frozen Berries


Frozen Berries 2


Those images basically represent the winter and coldness, yet each has it's own summer element in it. The combination of two opposite things in my opinion is beautiful. When done right of course... :D And I hope I did!

10.12.2011 21:24

Work Progress May 2011

Since I have been missing out quite some blog updates I just quickly write down all the main news / events concerning my art as well as upload my latest (...and not so latest works).


"Poisoned Lands"

Acrilic & Watercolor pencils on wood (20x20 cm)



Eclipse closeup  Eclipse closeup  Eclipse closeup  Eclipse closeup

Eclipse closeup  Eclipse closeup   


This was basically the remake of my old work "Eclipse". It was done with oil pastels long time ago. I really liked the color combination I used back there so I thought it would be a nice idea to recreate it on the wood. And of course add some more details to it, as the previous one looks kinda plain... :)

Drawn in april 2011.



"Dandelion Field"

Acrilic & Watercolor pencils on wood (20x20 cm)


Dandelion Field


Dandelion Fields closeup  Dandelion Fields closeup  Dandelion Fields closeup  Dandelion Fields closeup 


One of those pictures, which I couldn't find a fitting title for. So it turned out to be way too simple and not particulary fitting... I didn't invest too much time in this painting and I do agree that it could have been done much better and way more detailed. Interesting is that nevertheless, it was one of the most liked pictures at my first tiny art exibition! I suppose people prefer warm color combinations.

Drawn in may 2011.



"Stawberry Fields"

Acrilic & Watercolor pencils on wood (40x20 cm)


Strawberry fiels


Starting  Progress  Strawberry Fields closeup  Strawberry Fields closeup


The one, which is going to hang on my wall in front of my desk and light up every single day for all eternity! :)

01.12.2011 23:50

Yes, I'm alive

Time seems to have no other mission than to race with a speed of 1k mps into nowhere. It is hard to realize that Christmas is just few weeks away, I thought yesterday was summer...


I haven't been uploading for a while, and I guess I will have to put that off again for another week. It's because there are way too many things on my schedule at the moment and I can hardly handle them. Also last 2 weeks I haven't been sleeping much, so tonight I am expecting a seriously good rest after my 7 hours long travel from Vorarlberg to Vienna. :D


29.04.2011 23:24

Eleven Wishes

"Eleven Wishes"

Acrilic & Watercolor pencils on wood (20x20 cm)


Eleven Wishes


My second artwork takes you into a midday garden where eleven wishes are made. Each wish is  represented by a blue, skywards floating flower. The bigger the wish was planted, the bigger grew the flower. When time is right, they all leave the garden and take the wishes into eternity.


Eleven Wishes - Closeup   Eleven Wishes - Closeup


Eleven Wishes - Closeup   Eleven Wishes - Closeup


Eleven Wishes - Closeup   Eleven Wishes - Closeup


This is original art, signed by Saraty. It will be avaliable for sale at 30th of May at Freihof Sulz in Austria.?


25.04.2011 22:31


Starting from today I will be uploading my artworks for so called "Rosenfest" (Rose-Event) in Freihof Sulz. I will be preparing 10 - 15 acrylic paintings on wood, size of 20x20 cm. Each of my works will contain its own concept, representing various elements of tradicional as well as surreal art, all bacsically nature related, no horror included.



Acrylic & Watercolor pencils on wood 20x20 cm




My first work is a peek into a dreamy night, filled with magic, life, glowing insects and softest grass! The night, where all the dreams are born and turned into tiny fireflies. They gather here to light up darkest hours.

This piece of art is here to pass the message about how beautiful and bright our world could be, if we - humans - open our hearts to wonders. They are all around us, living in a smallest details of a nature! Yet we are blinded by everydays rush and tread them down with our racing mind. It is sad.


Closeup of Nightlife   Closeup of Nightlife


Closeup of Nightlife   Closeup of Nightlife


Closeup of Nightlife


This is original art, signed by Saraty. It will be avaliable for sale at 30th of May at Freihof Sulz in Austria.


Update: Sold.


21.04.2011 13:26

Artists Help Japan - Saraty Ema

Ema art for project "Artists Help Japan"



This small wooden painting is now listed in E-bay and opened for bidding! If You are willing to participate and help with the recovery of Japan due to the recent Earthquake and Tsunami, You are welcome to bid on mine or any other artists listed Ema here!


100% of the sales goes to Earthquake & Tsunami Fund.

More information about this event can be found in my Deviantart journal.


Update: Sold.


19.04.2011 15:45

My art at Freihof Sulz

Freihof is a nice restaurant located in Sulz (Austria) where I got a chance to exibit few of my arworks! I did it day before we left to Puerto Rico (05.02.2011). Good thing my dad had a camera with him to document a process. Unfortunately it was late evening already and the light was not enough to make a really good pictures, but that doesnt matter as long as I have them at all. Thank You Lydia for this wonderful chance! :)




27.03.2011 19:12

Back in Vienna

I have been away for a whole february because of my wonderful journey to Puerto Rico. :)

I came back to Vienna around 7th of March and I have been trying to find whatever job ever since, but I didnt succeed yet. Maybe thats for good, who knows, because I have more time to spend on my art now.

I have been practicing mainly blending smooth gradients from one color to another with acryl, and today I think I made a major breakthrough which could be worth sharing! :D Acrylic is really hard one when it comes to blending. There are colors which simply refuse to blend no matter what I do (yellow vs purple as an example).

That was also reason why i finally decided to buy Golden Fluid acrylic (which unfortunately is expensive like hell) instead of working my hands off with heavy body colors. Another thing what I saw in that shop, and what could possibly solve all the smooth blending problems was airbrush. Just some 350.- EUR, hey - who cant affoard that? :D So I got myself 2 fluids, Polymer medium and a tiniest brush I could find (for detailing my stuff :P ).

And there is result:



Closeup of Sunlit Meadows    Closeup of Sunlit Meadows


A day later sun was shining nicely through the window. I managed to capture my sunny art piece, before it dissapeared again! How sweet...

This picture traveled to Latvia soon after, as a present for my dear granny. I hope it keeps on shining the same beautiful on her bedroom wall! :)


Sunlit Meadows


16.01.2011 17:00

New start

This blog will be mainly dedicated to my progress in art, because I already keep a private diary for a private stuff (yea, I don't like to post any of my private stuff in internet). I will try to make regular updates of current work and ideas. So I see You around! :)   ï»¿


Today is the official day, when I finally got my website finished (this event is definitely worth my first blog entry)! :)

But this isn't only about a new website itself. Its about a new start of my life, where I finally decided to do, what I believe, I was made for - being an artist. It took me few years to realize, how much I actually love art, and how much I love to draw. And I have no idea, why all those previous years I have been thinking of art being nothing more then just a hobby for me. Somehow I was afraid of making art as a part of my job, because -"Hey, job would turn my passion into routine, no way I'm ever doing that!" And only now I realize, that 'job' is something, what should be turned into one's passion for a lifetime. Took a while for me to grow up, didn't it? :D

So this year, I made myself a secret promise: I will love my life and I will not throw away the opportunity to enjoy every single day of it. I will do those things, what I am made for. If art is one of those things, then I will hold on to it. I don't want to set any goals, but I clearly see my path I should follow. And I let the goal surprise me. :)

Now, if I back up a bit, it was quite a difficulty for me to get myself into mood for painting after all this time. Also it was difficult not to leave it all behind after I fail. So I made myself another promise to keep on trying and trying. EVERY day. Not just in times, when I feel inspired. Because practice and learning is the key to a success. Art has an endless room for improvement, so the journey never stops.