Welcome to my ART Gallery!

.First Insights.

SaratySaraty is a freedom and nature loving artist, living in her little dreamworld, pretty much like other artists do as well. So who exactly is she?

My name is Irena Madlener. I was born in Riga (Latvia) in 1985. I graduated Latvian Police academy, bachelor in Law Science.

I discovered my passion for art long time ago. Basically after I found this wonderful art community website called Deviantart. I started my career by looking at artworks of experienced artists and photographers, then step by step trying to recreate the beauty of a picture on my own paper. It took me years of learning and this is just the start. The path of art is more infinite that I ever expected. Every drawing I make brings a new experience. My art is never the same.


.What exactly I do.

I am a happy student and Freelance artist / webdesigner. I study Japanese language at University of Vienna since October 2012. Currently my favourite mediums to paint with are Acrylics, but I started out with oil pastels, colored pencils and pens. My drawings are basically done in surreal / abstract style. Visit my Gallery and see Yourself! 


I also do webdesign for me and my husbands private business - Anego CMS. Anego is a content management system which offers custom-made (online editable) websites. Perfect for small businesses. For more information You can visit Anego CMS website.


If you are looking for a well designed site, feel free to contact me.



.My life and free time.

At the moment I share my life with my lovely Austrian geek husband and cute, talkative cat - Letty, in a small hideout in Vienna. We have been mobile since the time we met - usually traveling between Austria and Latvia, but once a year, also to Puerto Rico. 

I love my family, animals and nature. Besides drawing I enjoy quite some video games. My all time favorite one is Silent Hill, which has been a big influence on my art. I love presence of melodic instrumental music, light coffee / Latte or caramel tea, when I am working on something. 

I am a fan of butterflies, rain, changing seasons, freedom, crazyness. No, im not in a Facebook.



.And finally... why 'Saraty'?.

Saraty is a nickname, what came into being around 5 years ago and was made for joining Deviantart. It has been my nickname ever since. There is no particular meaning behind the word "Saraty" - it simply represents the artistic and insane part of myself.