Some examples of my finished Webdesigns


For an apothecary my husband and I designed a website to present their new product line for animals.

Homepage City-SüdApotheke Sity Süd

Website for an apothecary in Vienna. Alternative concept designs below:

City-Süd Concept  City-Süd Concept

 Anego Systems

 My husbands website for his private business. Original concept design: concept

 My favorite! :)


Freihof Sulz

 Freihof Sulz

 Redesign for my husbands mother who owns a  traditional restaurant in the

 heart of Vorarlberg.

 Tanzzentrum BodenseeTanzzentrum Bodensee

 A design concept for a salsa dancing school. 

Yoga Akedemie Sonnweber   Yoga Akedemie Sonnweber

    Webdesign made for a yoga teacher. Concept designs:

  Yoga Akademie Concept Yoga Akademie Concept    


 Website for an architect 




 Simple IT


 Markus Madlener